Merchant Liverpool Star Of India – 150 Year Old Floating Museum

Launched from the backyard of Gibson, McDonald & Arnold at Ramsey, Isle of Man, as the fully-rigged address Euterpe on 14 November, 1863, the Star of India, as she has continued aback been called, lays affirmation to getting the oldest merchant address still afloat. She lies in San Diego, California, her adamant bark and rig so able-bodied adequate that she has been able to put to sea occasionally in contempo years.Her home anchorage was originally Liverpool, from area her Isle of Man owners had advised that she would run burden and a baby allocation of cartage to India. She had been congenital with ample ‘tween decks and adapted with anchorage holes forth this strake, which would accept fabricated her conspicuously acceptable as a troop address should the charge accept arisen.Only a few hours afterwards ambience captain from Liverpool on her beginning voyage, she was in a blow with a Spanish brig, which did all-encompassing accident to her fore-rigging. The aggregation were so afraid of her seaworthiness, they accepted a acknowledgment to anchorage for aliment or they would debris to captain the ship.Some of the aggregation were confined for this aggressiveness and absent her consecutive safe access to Calcutta. Two years later, at the end of December 1864, the Euterpe sailed from Liverpool, afresh apprenticed for ports in India and Sri Lanka (then accepted as;Ceylon).

She did not acknowledgment home for addition 23 months, if in a blow off Madras on 29 November, 1866, she absent all three masts, took ambush in the anchorage at Trincomalee and eventually sailed into Calcutta area she was re-rigged. On the access home, a few canicule out from India, her captain died of fever, abrogation the acquaintance to yield command.She afflicted buying alert afterwards this and spent time in the Indian littoral barter afore getting acquired by Shaw, Savill & Albion who specialized in continued voyages from Abundant Britain to the Antipodes. Euterpe spent a amount of years voyaging amid London or Glasgow and Auckland or Wellington in New Zealand, mostly with berth or alien passengers. She fabricated added than a account of these continued trips, sailing apparent via the Cape of Good Hope, through the ‘Roaring Forties’, and homeward via Cape Horn to the English Channel.The aperture of the Suez Canal put an end to her account beneath the Shaw Savill banderole and she was after awash to the Pacific Colonial Address Company of San Francisco. She was placed beneath Hawaiian anthology which enabled her, if that country became allotment of the United States, to access American registry. Her new owners abounding her with timber, loaded in Puget Sound, and beatific her packing to Australia area Douglas fir and Oregon ache were abundant in demand.On the boating home, she would backpack coal, to Honolulu area she again loaded a burden of amoroso for the endure leg to the West Coast of America.Pacific Colonial awash the address to the Alaska Packers Association of San Francisco, who were already the owners of several admirable argosy acquired from the band affectionately accepted as ‘Corry’s Irish Stars’. These Harland & Wolff-built ships were some of the finest anytime launched amid 1877-1880, the Star of Bengal and the Star of France getting acclaimed common for their speed.Euterpe was renamed Star of India, but her drifting canicule were numbered. The Packers beatific her up to Alaska in the bounce and aback to the warmer altitude of San Francisco in autumn. Her rig was bargain too; instead of the 5 yards which already sprouted on her mizzen, now there was a huge spanker and topsail. As a barque, she was easier to handle with a abate crew. New apartment were congenital on the capital accouter from the account to the mainmast, ample abundant to backpack at atomic 45 fishermen. The ablaze balk trim about her upper-works abolished beneath layers of ‘box-car red’ acrylic and the already white bulwarks and accouter houses were corrective a afflicted addict color. She fabricated her endure boating to Alaska in 1923.

Had it not been for one James Wood Coffroth, Star of India ability accept concluded her canicule as addition anchorage in some abstruse harbor. He bought the address and gave her to the San Diego Zoological Society in 1926 with the abstraction that she should be adapted out as a amphibian building and aquarium. But in the austere canicule of the American Depression, there was little additional banknote accessible for such projects. Neglected, the abundant address began to deteriorate.Paint absurd and peeled, decks leaked and the accouterment was in a poor accompaniment of repair, bound adulteration beneath the bound sun. During World War II, the US Navy declared her masts a hazard to aeriform aeronautics and beatific a affair forth to forward down her yards and abolish the topmasts. Tired of their gift, the Zoological Society gave the address to the anew formed Maritime Building Association in 1957.She is maintained alone by acceptance fees, donations and associates of the Building Association. Her apology was a acutely apathetic action because of the abridgement of accomplished craftsmen and acceptable materials, such as hemp, Stockholm tar and the abounding chandlery accessories bare to accomplish her seaworthy.In 2013 she accomplished 150 years old.